Friday, March 12, 2010


You're at a Big Pool Party and lose track of where your Wife Bunny is. You ask around and nobody seems to know or who you are talking about. You remember she was talking to a couple over by the Gazebo. You don't know them, but she seems to be very comfortable with them.

You had shrugged it off, even after seeing the Lady massaging Bunny’s shoulders through the kitchen window. You walked on and missed the Lady kissing Bunny on her neck and massaging Bunny’s Huge Boobs with both of her hands as Bunny arched her back and tried to wiggle out of her clutches and grasp.

The straw that should have broken the Camel’s back was when you looked over with them all in some lounge chairs and the Lady was pointing to his crotch. The Wife had an expression of astonishment and mouthing “No!” as the Lady used her hands to show the size of his Trouser Trout. Bunny looked drunk or something, but she hadn’t had that much to drink that you saw.

You turn back to talk with the group of people in your area of the Pool as Bunny covers her mouth with one hand, points with the other and says “Oh My! As she see the Man make his Huge Cock move underneath his Swim Trunks as a free demonstration for Bunny. Bunny laughs, giggles and falls forward on top of him, but he catches her on her chest under her Tits and her right hand stops to rest on his trunks. Underneath Bunny feels his massive Cock awaken from her clumsy yet still Sexy Womanly touch.

Right away he realizes she belongs to him and him alone. He says “Are you my Bitch?” Bunny looks up at him with a tear forming on each eye and responds with “Yes” He says “Yes, what?” Bunny says ‘Yes! I am your Bitch! "Yours and yours alone!” He says “That’s a Good Bitch!

Now gently rub your Master, when he is hard enough pull him out and suck on him sweetly and gently, Bitch!” Bunny starts to say “my Hus…”, but he pops her on the side of her mouth and says “What are you going to do right now?” Bunny says “rub my Master, when he is ready I’m going to pull him out and suck on my Master” “Now the Bitch is learning something” he tells the Lady.

The lady positions herself to block the view of people by the pool and you. You were getting ready to walk over when the Lady pulled out a Beach Towel to block the view of his crotch area as the Wife’s head went down and out of view behind the blanket. The Lady looks around to see if anybody is watching, but let’s an opening on one side gives a view of the Wife sucking on the Man's Huge Black Cock, but you miss seeing that when your cell rings. Her head is bobbing up and down and he says he's going to CUM!

Just then your cell went off and it was your Boss. You couldn’t hear him because it was too loud by the Pools you went inside to talk. He said he was sorry, but he was in New York and needed a proposal picked up at the printers and taken to a Courier before they closed. You looked around to tell Bunny, but she and the Black Couple are gone. You told the host who was a Client also to tell your Wife that you would be back soon.

He said he would tell when He saw her again. Bunny and the Couple are walking towards the Gazebo with the Man and The Lady holding her hands on each side. Bunny turns her head to look for you, but the Lady tells her to look ahead. The Lady says "don't be looking for anybody to help you Bitch! You belong to my Man now!"

All three go to the Guest House way in the back of the property.

You finally get back after three hours because of traffic, having to wait on the Printer and the long line at the Courier. You look, but your Wife is not anywhere to be seen and you start to panic.

You wander through this Huge House’s hallways, corridors and stairs searching for your Wife. She is not hard to find normally with her Huge fake Tits, blonde hair, killer body and cock sucking lips on a beautiful face with blue eyes.

Most all the guys are staring, half the Women staring and the other half of the Women sneering at her. On the far end of the house you hear your Wife’s voice coming from a room down the hall a little further on the left.

You’re about 15 feet from the room’s door and can see through the door that is cracked open slightly. Your Wife is facing your direction at an angle. She’s in her Bra and Panties, but she was not alone. Bunny has a nice tan and her White Lacing Bra and Panties look so wondrous against that tan. She sees you and gets a Startled expression on her face.

All the Men and Women you have had to fight trying to take your Wife away or to use for Sex race through your mind. You have Flash Back to a Part at your Boss's House and seeing your Wife being taken into a back bedroom by your Boss's Son and his friend's and not being able to stop them because your Boss pulled you away to discuss work. You knew he had planned the use of your Wife for his Son's use.

The time you found out your Wife had gone over to the Boss's House to ask for a raise for you unbeknownst to you until somebody's Wife jokingly spilled the beans as to add insult to injury. You could not look Bunny in the eye afterwards due to your shame of being such a push over and letting people just take her for their carnal use.

Behind your Wife and with her arms reaching around is the Black Lady. She is much taller than Bunny and is leaning over from behind cupping, caressing, rubbing the Wife's Boobs and pinching the Wife’s nipples as she pulls the front of your Wife's Huge Bra down.

The Black Lady is kissing her on the neck and whispering into her ear. You can’t see him, but there is a Man to the right, but the door is blocking your full view. You look down and see the Wife is holding something in her hand…what is it? It’s a Black Cock and she is stroking it, rubbing the head with her fingers and playing with some CUM on the end of the Head.

The guy who is out of view grabs her right wrist, hands it off to the Black Lady who raises it up to the Wife’s mouth. The Black Lady tells her to lick her Man off of the Wife's fingers. She does in slow motion and lingers as the CUM stretches out like a string from her fingers to her tongue.

Wife makes eye contact with you and has a smile on her face that you have never seen her face before. The Black Lady says “Oh yeah!” You're halfway through the door and Bunny starts to say something, but is cutoff by the Lady with as a "Shhh!" The Lady says "Hey! Get out of here and mind your own business!" They guy says "Push that Mo Fo out the door!" The Lady comes over and pushes you out by your head and says "We found this Bitch. Go find your own Creep!"

Outside the door you open your mouth to say something and a girl that you had talked with earlier at the Party sees you and starts to talk to you. See saw what had just happened and tells you “Don’t be so Fucking nosy, Dude!”

You hear inside the room the voice of the guy in the room tells your Wife to get on her knees. The Wife tries to say something, but it is unintelligible. The Black Lady puts a pill against her lips and says “Open and swallow it” and gives the Wife some Colt 45 to wash it down with.

The Black Man tells the Wife to suck his Cock. She obeys him and puts her lips on the head of his Cock. The Black Woman comes over and closes the door without looking in the hallway. You hear through the door the Lady says "Now that's a good Bitch! Suck my Man's Cock!"

You hear your Wife try to say something, but it's unintelligible because her mouth is full of the Lady's Mans Cock. You hear what sounds like someone being smacked and popped on their face and the Lady says "Now, now, shut up! Don't start that crying shit with me Bitch!"

You hear him say "Yeah! Yeah...Argghh...Oh yeah! Suck it good you Big Titty Bitch! Hold your Fucking Tits for me. There you go! That's a Good Fucking Bitch!" You are thinking you should do something and to be more forceful, but you do not. In fact your heart flutters thinking that a couple has your Wife in a bedroom a few feet away and using her as a Sex Slave. You are torn when you start to get an erection... The girl in the hallway asks if you want to get a drink and you are just stunned. She grabs your hand and pulls you towards a Bar down the Hallway.... You are down the hall at the Bar and the girl is trying to carry a conversation on with you, but you can't take your mind off of what has just transpired. It's been a half of an hour, but seems like all night. You rush back to the room and find no one in the room. You ask people downstairs and finally some guy says in a cocky way "Yeah! She left with some couple" You get the feeling everybody knew and knows what's been going on all along. You feel alienated and alone. You run outside, but no cars are moving or can be heard close by. Your Wife calls several hours later from over 50 miles away she says she's not coming Home tonight and has met up with some “Old Friends” You hear a Man voice say "Now hang up that phone and take care of muh dik Biatch!" You try calling your Wife on her cell numerous times the next day and it is finally answered, but it's not your Wife. It's the Black Lady and she tells you she'll be Home soon and not to worry about her, she's okay. She says the Wife was paying off a Debt that she owed. You ask what debt and how long? The Lady says the debt can never be payed off since she is their Sex Slave now. Her voice is odd and terse, like she’s trying to disguise some form of excitement she is experiencing and laughter. While your helpless Wife is sitting on top of a Huge Black Cock and having her Tits played with a by a Black Lady. Laboriously the Little Woman is riding his Huge Black Cock as is required of the Biatch!